5. Aerial Graffiti by SABER, 2012

Everyone's favorite art patron, Mitt Romney, shared in a 2012 interview with Fortune magazine, that he planned to shrink eliminate "the subsidy for the National Endowment for the Arts." In response, Los Angeles-based artist SABER created monumental aerial graffiti in the New York City sky in autumn of 2012. The artist hired several skywriting planes to scatter phrases such as "Defend the arts," "Occupy Wall Street," and "Graffiti" above the city's skyline for all to see. After the recognition of his aerial work, SABER was quoted as saying, that the extremely Conservative Right "has no appreciation for the arts or American culture, despite the fact that creative people are the backbone of this country." While SABER's scornful remarks regarding extreme Right wing conservatives' supposed sentiments are rather unproductive, his demand to have "creative people" be recognized as the "backbone of this country" prove to be a much more provocative and generative notion. And in an interview with Frank 151 last year, SABER mentioned the potential for his aerial graffiti to be expanded into a multi-city campaign.

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