This sucks.

Craig Sager just sat down with HBO for an interview for Real Sports, and during the interview, he revealed that the acute myeloid leukemia that he has battled in recent years is no longer in remission. Unfortunately, it puts Sager into “unchartered territory.” He has been through a lot—and has had setbacks before—but it sounds like he’s going to need to fight even harder than he has in the past if he wants to send the disease back into remission again.

“I’ve already had two stem cell transplants,” he told HBO. “Very rarely does somebody have a third. So I have to maintain my strength so I can go through this.”

The good news is that a TNT spokesperson has already told Yahoo! Sports that Sager is going to try and continue to work the sidelines during NBA games this season. But that could change in the near future. You can watch Sager’s entire interview with Real Sports tomorrow night.

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[via Ball Don’t Lie]