A notice to all the spouses and significant others of basketball fans: You might as well just gear up for disappointment now. That heart drawn around Feb. 14 on your 2016 calendars is not a reminder to pick up something special for Valentine’s Day. That little notation is in place to mark the date of the annual NBA All-Star Game. All-Star Weekend, which kicks off on Feb. 12, and includes the Slam Dunk Contest, Three-Point Contest, and so many other attractions leading up to the big game, is like basketball Mardi Gras (even when it’s taking place in Toronto). 

We know that as the clock ticks down to All-Star Weekend you are likely to grow nostalgic for All-Star Games past, so we prepared a rundown of the 10 greatest moments in All-Star Game history. Click above for a trip down memory lane that includes Kobe, Wilt, and, of course, MJ.