The championship conversation revolves around the CavaliersWarriors, and maybe Spurs. But don't sleep on the Raptors. They've been rolling, winning seven of their last 10 after ripping off an 11-game winning streak in January.

On that note, don't sleep on Kyle Lowry. He'll work you if your head isn't right. Lowry made an example of the Cavaliers, scoring a career-high 43 points.

Even though Lowry was on fire, his team was down by nine at the end of the third quarter. Toronto worked their way back to tie the game, 97-97, with only a few seconds remaining in the fourth. Lowry had been making shots any way he could by this point. You can see some of it in the video above. Below, you can see the game-winner that sent Cavaliers fans crying on this Friday night.

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[via Bleacher Report