Clearly inspired by Kanye West's "ask and maybe, just maybe, you shall receive" movement, Gilbert Arenas went on Instagram to ask the Buss family for a 10-day contract with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Because Arenas wants to prove that, at 34, he can still ball? No. Help guide the younger guards, like Jordan Clarkson and D'Angelo Russell? Nope. Agent Zero just wants to sit courtside for Kobe Bryant's last home game at the Staples Center.  

After failing to snag tickets the way us normies have to go about it, Arenas left a long message asking for a 10-day contract from April 3 - 13 while leaving specific seating requests (not in Metta World Peace's seat, far away from Byron Scott, not next to Nick Young or Roy Hibbert). But hey, on the plus side, he's willing to pay for the seat. 

Good luck, fam. You're gonna need it. 

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[via gilbertarenasrealrealitytv]