“'Boy, we pay the athletes and all of a sudden everybody is going to drop every sport.' So that’s riding on the athletes too. 'I better take less, otherwise the rowing program is going to go away.' Or, 'Nobody will be able to wrestle in college anymore.' 

"That’s a lie. It’s all a lie. They are not going to cancel these programs if it’s in their interest to have them. They will continue to do it.

"And then they’ll say, 'Well, we aren’t showing a profit.' You’re not showing a profit because you spend your money as a non-profit. And what other person in the system is paid based upon profit? Because otherwise the coaches shouldn’t be making money—because they don’t make any profit. 

"And then they say, 'How could we possibly pay our professors because the English department is not making any profit?' Come on. You’re paid based on revenue and the value you provide. And why are the players the only one at the end of the line?

"They said this stuff back in the '80s when I was a player, when there were hundreds of million dollars being made. Now there’s billions. And they still don’t have enough money. So, there’s never going to be enough money.

"And then they say, 'Well, the players aren’t worth anything.' Okay, well if they’re not worth anything. Let them compete in the marketplace, and we’ll see. 

"Then they claim the scholarship is enough. Well if the scholarship is enough, let’s test that out in the marketplace. If it’s enough, then the marketplace will confirm that. And they know it’s not true. The players are worth a ton. And schools would compete for them the same way they compete for any athlete of university life."