(Challenger) Conor McGregor and (Champ) Jose Aldo will be facing off for the Featherweight Belt during UFC 189. But today the fireworks got started three and a half months early. Peep the video above (that's why it's there) and watch how all press conferences should go. A crazy crowd. Some smack talk. Embrace the entertainment side of sports.

It all started after Aldo (through a translator) declared that he was "the King of Dublin," and that, "When I got here it was raining, but I brought the sun with me." 

You just can't let that shit fly in your hometown, and McGregor (who was born in Ireland's capital) went straight seven-year-old and snagged the belt, before the two were separated by Dana White/security. During the near-melee McGregor shouted "You're looking at the King!" directly in the face of Aldo.

Later, when asked for his fight prediction, McGregor said "I'll be done in one."

Should be a crazy fight when they actually get to it. Too bad you're going to have to wait until July 11th to watch.

[via YouTube/Fox Sports]

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