Last week, Gilbert Arenas' longtime girlfriend Laura Govan reportedly filed a lawsuit against him. In it, she claimed that the couple broke up at the end of 2014, and she said that she wants him to pay her an undisclosed amount of money since they'd been together for more than a decade. She also claimed that he "forcefully took" a $1 million engagement ring that he gave to her in 2008 and sold it off without giving her any of the proceeds from the sale. Additionally, she revealed that Arenas owns several marijuana clinics in California, and she asked for a cut of the profits from those establishments as well.

Last night, Arenas responded by taking to Instagram and posting the photo above as well as a long caption explaining his position on the lawsuit. In the caption, he shot down the idea that he owns any marijuana clinics, said that he's been paying about $20,000 per month to support Govan and the couple's four kids, and admitted that he'd given Govan a fake engagement ring and kept a real one locked away in safe.

Here's the entire caption:

Didnt think ppl were this stupid too believe random shit.....number 1....i dont own a dispensary..i was trying to get a non profit license to be a owner in Los Angeles but these fuckers wanted 1.5mil....number 2...didnt leave my kids for dead in washington,when i went to orlando..20k a month plus the 15,000sq house..the family decided to move too cali and moved into an apartment with 20k cash a month...deadbeat REALLY??..number 3...i didnt kick my family out the calabasas house, i left and moved into a 2 bedroom apt in woodland hills as of TODAY...which ive been in since jan 1st..last but not least when u have a million dollar ring made you also have a fake one made JUST incase shit doesnt workout...lets say shit didnt workout and she has the fake need to forcefully take a ring back if its been sitting in a safe this whole time smdh..Why sell it when i can pass it down too my kids..PEOPLE my dick aint that big for everyone to be hanging on it lmaooo

Something tells us this is only going to get uglier.

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