Sport Played: MLB
Year: 2011
Crime: Shoplifted $59.88 worth of clothing from a Macy's in Cincinnati, Ohio

At the time of this crime, the Reds pitcher was “only” making about $425,000, which is far less than the nearly $6 million that he's making now. But that still doesn't explain why he got caught red-handed on a Macy's surveillance camera removing the security tags from six American Rag T-shirts and then trying to leave the store with them. It'd be one thing if he was some Single-A minor league player still scraping together whatever he could just to make ends meet (not that that would make his stealing acceptable). But Leake was in the big leagues and collecting hundreds of thousands of dollars for pitching once a week! So why did he have to resort to stealing 60 bucks worth of T-shirts?