Sport Played: NHL
Year: 2000
Crime: Fought with people at The Mansion hotel in Dallas, Texas and then tried to offer police officers a $1 billion (!) bribe to let him go

Does the old “Do you know who I am?” approach to dealing with police officers ever work for athletes? Maybe it does. Maybe there are some cops out there who let athletes carry on with their illegal activities simply because they're athletes. But it didn't work out for the former Stars goalie, who attempted to bribe some cops after they arrested him for assault and resisting arrest. He tried to offer the cops—get this—$1 billion if they would let him go rather than arresting him. And believe it or not, the cops didn't fall for the old “I'll give you $1 billion if you don't arrest me” gag, just like they don't usually fall for the old “Do you know who I am?” trick, either.