When LeBron James decided to leave the Cavaliers back in 2010 to join the Heat, he didn't inform Dan Gilbert or anyone else within the Cavs organization about his decision before he appeared on ESPN's The Decision. And according to reports, he was just as secretive this summer when he decided that he was coming back to the Cavs.

ESPN's Brian Windhorst is reporting that the Cavaliers had absolutely no idea that LeBron was going to sign a contract with them this summer until earlier today when LeBron informed the entire world that he was coming back to Cleveland by posting an essay on Sports Illustrated. He did it because, according to Windhorst, he wanted the people of Ohio to be the first ones to know about his return:

However, Windhorst also revealed that, this time around, LeBron did tell his now-former employers, the Heat, about his decision before he told the rest of the world about it:

Well played all around by LeBron.

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[via ESPN]