Pulling a watercraft out of the water is actually pretty simple. For the most part, you line up the boat on the trailer, you hook it up to the crank(s), pull it out, clear the water, strap it in, and for the most part, you're good to go (everybody has their own little ways/steps/cleaning post-water). But things change when you're dealing with bigger boats, like a deck or pontoon boat. 

As you can see in this video, the owners weren't able to pull out the boat with one SUV. So they tried to do it with two SUVs chained together. You should already know where this is going ... 

The two drivers floor it and the the SUVs crunch. BUT WAIT, JOHNNY, THERE'S MORE! The trailer unhitches, the boat comes off, and happily slides right into another person's truck in the launch. 

Then, wait for it ... "TURN DOWN FOR WHAT."

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[via Auto Evolution