Career (Years): 1: 2008-09 (played in a total of 10 games)
Championship Year(s): 2009 (Lakers)
Career Stats: 2.8 MPG 0.2 APG 1.3 SPG 1.3 BPG

For one season, Sun Yue lived the life every Kobe stan dreams of. He got to spend the year with the Black Mamba and say he "helped" the Lake Show win a ring in the process. After playing for the CBA's Beijing Olympians for a few seasons, Yue was drafted in the second round (40th overall) in the 2007 NBA Draft by the Lakers. Yue stayed with the Olympians for another season before joining the Lakers in August 2008.

He made his debut in December in a win over Milwaukee in which he played for five minutes, scored four points, picked up four fouls, and committed two turnovers. That game would be the highlight of his career as he only scored two more points in the NBA after that. He rode the bench while somehow avoiding being waived as Kobe and the Lake Show won the franchise's 15th title that year. After the season, Yue was waived by the Lakers, picked up by the Knicks, and later waived again before the start of the next season. Even still, Yue is the first player of ethnic Han Chinese descent to win an NBA championship. What a legacy!