Does Andrew Bynum want NBA teams to ignore him this offseason? If so, then he should keep on saying the kinds of things that he says in this video!

Yesterday, TMZ Sports caught up with Bynum in Los Angeles and asked him about the possibility of him playing for the Lakers again. Bynum said that he would definitely be open to the idea of making a return to L.A. to play pro basketball. But then, towards the end of his talk with TMZ, he admitted that he's never going to be "the Andrew Bynum of old" again. And to make matters even worse, the TMZ photographer then asked him how his legs are feeling—and Bynum provided a pretty cringeworthy response.

"They're good enough to walk around with," he said.

Good enough to walk around with? Yikes. If Bynum is trying to scare off NBA general managers right now, he's doing a great job.

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[via TMZ Sports]