If Carmelo Anthony decides to leave New York City this summer and sign with a new team, there's a good chance that the Knicks are going to lean heavily on J.R. Smith over the course of the next couple of seasons to provide them with scoring. So with that in mind, they are not going to be happy when they see the video above. It features Smith leaving a club in Hollywood recently, jumping onto a Can-Am Spyder, and driving off into the night. And it features him doing it without a helmet on his head.

Fortunately, it looks like Smith knows how to handle himself on a Can-Am. But there are sooooo many things that could potentially go wrong on one of those things and Smith has so much at stake. So it's a little crazy to hear him say "For what?" in the video when a TMZ cameraman asks him why he's not wearing a helmet.

Watch the clip above to see Smith cruising on his Can-Am. Just make sure you hold your breath first if you're a Knicks fan.

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[via TMZ Sports]