On Wednesday afternoon, a woman named Vicki Manning walked into a GameStop in Nashville, Tenn. to check out a new video game. But she apparently didn't like the service that she received from one of the store's employees. So she responded by doing the unthinkable—she keyed the guy's car.

According to police, Manning became upset inside of the store when the GameStop employee who was helping her refused to give her a demo product that he had given to several other customers. She also didn't appreciate the fact that he failed to acknowledge her "friendly advances." So she started yelling at the man before eventually walking out of the store. But once she was outside, she didn't stop. Instead, she allegedly keyed the man's car and then called the store and told him to go outside and check out what she had done. He went out and looked at his car—and then called police.

Manning was arrested a short time later and charged with one count of vandalism. Additionally, police later discovered that she had left her 7-year-old son home alone during her trip to GameStop, which earned her an additional child neglect charge. All this for a demo? It definitely doesn't sound like it was worth it.

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[via WATE]