We're not shedding any crocodile tears. These guys make millions, retire in their thirties, and marry supermodels.They envy no one (with the possible exception of Jonah Falcon). They are beneficiaries of a society with some pretty odd priorities.

But with that position of public prestige, pro athletes are also exposed to a plethora of off the wall criticisms ranging from: unrealistic expectations, widespread contempt for being human, and clingy, vicarious fans with absolutely no lives. Have you ever listened to sports radio? The callers rarely ever seem to make a valid point. Often seem like they're venting personal frustrations. And almost always seem desperate for some--any kind of human contact.

Today we've rounded up 20 common gripes aired by fan bases that don't seem that terrible to us. Sometimes when you sit around and think about something for a minute, you realize "Eh, I guess that's not that big of a deal." Look no further then that NFC Championship Game/Richard Sherman "controversy," for a recent example. If that didn't make you question the tightness of the public's collective ass, then you may not like this list. In addition to that, here are 17 other Things Sports Fans Need to Stop Criticizing Athletes For.