To be honest, you probably can say no if a famous athlete asks you to take a girl to the prom during a radio station interview. That's a bit of a dick move though, and the ensuing headlines with your name in it wouldn't be too flattering.

Jack of St. John’s Catholic High School in Maryland won't have to deal with all that, because he said yes when Robert Griffin III called him up on 106.7 The Fan radio. Lexi was too shy to ask so RGIII did the honors

"Alright, Jack. This is Robert Griffin III, in case you were wondering,” RGIII said. “My friend Lexi, she’s a great girl, but she was a little shy. She wanted to ask you to prom, man. So, here I am as her personal prom-asker—Will you go to prom with her, man?”

Griffin gave Jack a warning, too: "Lexi will call me if anything goes wrong." Yes, he was joking, but who would want to take the chance of having this show up to your prom:

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[via Bleacher Report]