Just a few days ago we all thought he was coming back for the 2014-15 season, now (according to reports) Mike D'Antoni has resigned from the Lakers. This follows yesterdays news that the now former coach expressed a desire for the Lakers to pick up his option for the 2015-16 campaign. Nobody wants to be a lame duck after all. Still, the coach opted to leave $4 million on the table with this decision.

We now have resolution to the issue, and that resolution is that the Lakers will have a new captain manning the sideline next season. After a 27-55 debacle (feel free to blame injuries, age, rebuilding, whatever you want) following a lackluster and disappointing 2012-13 year, D'Antoni leaves L.A. with a 67-87 all-around record.

Right now all we can do is speculate about the motives behind the move, but still should be interesting who the brass choose to turn around and aid in the rebuilding process for the once proud franchise, and deal with a menopausal Kobe in the twilight of his career.

[via Fox Sports]