What do you do after you become a first round NFL draft pick? You party with Drake.

At least, that’s what Johnny Manziel, Odell Beckham Jr., and Mike Evans decided to do after the NFL Draft concluded last night. Manziel and Drake’s track record as BFFs is well-documented, and it certainly was nice of Johnny Football to bring a couple of his buddies along for the ride.

Beckham posted these photos of their night on the town on his Instagram account:

Drake also posted this photo from his own account, and if you check his and Manziel’s hands you might see them making a familiar gesture:

We’re hoping (and indeed expecting) that we’re only at the beginning of the Johnny Manziel post-draft victory tour, which will likely soon shift from New York City to the wild party town of Cleveland. We’ll keep you updated if and when any new photos emerge.

[via Bleacher Report]