During my seventh hour I realized I had zero documentation on Macho Man Randy Savage. I decided to watch a full hour of the Madness. Hulk Hogan had no foil longer than two years. Piper, Orndorff, and Andre, were great at attempting to thwart Hulkamania but Savage was the quintessential bad guy for Hogan.

When Michael Jackson passed away, I read tweets from people saying a part of them died with Michael's passing. I say fuck that, when Macho Man Randy Savage passed away my childhood died (not really, but for the conviction of the entry let's say it did. I still have Sly Stallone alive and kicking when that unfortunate day happens then the ALL memories of my childhood shall turn to dust.) So my ADD went into overdrive.

I had a network with tons of Macho Man Randy Savage content. There are tons of Macho matches I could choose from. I watched his match with Steamboat at WrestleMania 3, I watched his match with Flair at WrestleMania 8, and the retirement match with Ultimate Warrior. But the moment that solidified his superstar status was Wrestlemania V. The WWF spent an ENTIRE YEAR building up one match, the main event titled THE MEGA POWERS EXPLODE.

The hype began at Wrestlemania IV when the Macho Man won the World Title tournament, with an assist from former champion: Hulk Hogan. Winning the championship cemented Savage as the No. 2 baby face (good guy) in the company, but it was on that night that the seeds were planted for his heel turn (the villain). After Savage's championship victory, Hogan, Macho and Macho's "bae" Miss Elizabeth were filled with joy, and while caught up in the moment, Hulkster hoisted Liz up high on his shoulder.

This is where Macho felt some type of way. The camera zoomed onto Savage to capture a reaction of sheer disgust. He looked at Hogan with rage and jealousy. But Savage shrugged it off and celebrated alongside the Hulkster. This would be the first of many subtle hints that were dropped, before Savage finally snapped and lost his shit in a tag team match pitting himself and Hogan against the Twin Towers (Akeem & The Big Boss Man.) Macho Man accidentally ran into Miss Elizabeth as he was thrown out of the ring and Hogan came to her aid. Randy didn't appreciate Hogan carrying his lady backstage.

Hogan would go onto win the match all by himself, because back then that's just what Hulk Hogan would do, but a crazed Savage would then attack the Hulkster back stage while Liz was being checked on by the medics. That's where Savage said some real shit that made me feel like I was in the same situation. He felt Hogan eyes was lusting for his woman. This would set the stage for perhaps my favorite Hogan Wrestlemania match.

Re-watching that match made me realize that the year build up was the reason why I think its one of Savage's most complete works in the WWF. The May of 2011 was a strange month for me. My ex broke up with me via text message, I had a threesome with a lesbian and her girlfriend on my birthday, then Macho Man dies on a day that I will forever call Black Friday.