What would you do if you walked outside one day and saw a severed horse's head sitting on the hood of your car?

Unfortunately, an Australian man was forced to answer that question early Thursday morning when he heard some banging outside of his home at around 2:30 a.m. and went out to investigate. The man—who steadfastly claims that he is not in a gang—stepped outside to find a severed horse's head sitting on top of his damaged vehicle, which you can see above. And while police believe that the gesture may have come about as the result of a drug deal gone bad, the man thinks he knows where the horse's head came from.

"It could have been an ex-girlfriend from two or three years ago," he said, "that's about it. I'm not [involved in any gangs]. That's 100 percent true. I'm in a relationship with a girl just trying to live my life and everyone's turning this into something it's not."

An ex-girlfriend? Hmmm…

An ex-girlfriend might slash your tires, bust your windows, or leave a bunch of key marks on the side of your vehicle. But a horse's head on your hood? This guy is either lying or he used to date one of the craziest girls on the face of the earth. Either way, this story obviously gives us the opportunity to show you this classic scene from The Godfather:

Happy Monday!

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[via Daily Telegraph]