It's not easy to be a Lakers fan right now. Kobe Bryant & Co. had a really rough 2013-14 NBA season, mostly because Kobe wasn't able to play much due to injury. The future of the franchise also seems to be in a bit of doubt right now because of Kobe's age and the lack of talent surrounding him at the moment. And while the Lakers are struggling, the Clippers—yes, ugh, the Clippers—are flourishing. They're the No. 3 seed in the Western Conference for the 2014 NBA Playoffs and appear to be poised to make a real run at the title this year.

Because of that, the Clippers are the only team playing at the Staples Center right now. And last night, a few of their fans made themselves right at home prior to their team's game against the Warriors by hanging Clippers-colored balloons on the Magic Johnson statue outside of the Staples Center. As you might imagine, that did not go over well with Lakers fans. And all you need to do is check Twitter to see what they thought about the Clippers balloons adorning the statue:

LOL at "build a Danny Manning statue and hang balloons off of that."

But the Lakers fans have a point. Putting Clippers balloons on Magic Johnson is pretty disrespectful. But then again, if the Lakers want to stop it from happening, they should put together a team that can compete. Otherwise, the Staples Center belongs to the Clippers right now, and they can do whatever they want with it.

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