Sooo…this is weird.

Last Monday, a police officer in Naperville, Ill. pulled into a Taco Bell parking lot at around noon so that he could turn around and head back in the opposite direction to check on a vehicle. But when he did, he got into a very bizarre accident. The cop somehow oversteered his car in the parking lot, drove over a curb, and landed on top of a decorative boulder. And because his car literally landed on the rock, which elevated his vehicle up off the ground, he couldn't continue driving. Instead, he had to have someone come out and remove the car from the rock and then send the car in to be repaired.

It's still unclear how in the world the cop actually managed to get the car stuck in the first place. At the moment, a police investigation is underway to try and figure out exactly what happened. Any guesses here? Was the cop mad when he realized Taco Bell wasn't serving breakfast or something? Regardless, we can't wait to hear the truth about the car landing on the rock. The real story should be a doozy.

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[via Naperville Sun]