A really bad week just got really, really bad for Timberwolves forward Dante Cunningham.

Late last week, Cunningham was arrested in Minnesota and charged with felony domestic abuse after he allegedly choked his girlfriend inside of the couple's home. He returned to the T'wolves lineup over the weekend, though, and even played in a game against the Magic. But yesterday, Cunningham was arrested again in Medina, Minn. for allegedly making terroristic threats. Medina police have refused to provide details about his second arrest yet. But they have confirmed that he was taken into custody and have said that they will release more information soon.

"The situation with Dante Cunningham is very fluid and we continue to monitor all available information," the Timberwolves said in a statement. "We reiterate that the Minnesota Timberwolves do not condone the behavior described in the accusations. We continue to wait for the legal process to run its course and will have further comment when appropriate."

Stay tuned. This obviously doesn't sound very good for Cunningham.


According to Medina police, Cunningham was arrested after he sent text messages that "rose to a terroristic level" to his girlfriend. She contacted police about them, and Cunningham surrendered a short time later. He also agreed to turn over both his cell phone and his computer to police.

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[via Pro Basketball Talk]