Allen Iverson wishes UConn the best at the National Championship. This would be absurd a decade or so ago because Iverson is a Georgetown alumnus, but it's cool since Kevin Ollie is coaching there.

Ollie was part of the 76ers team that Iverson willed to the finals in 2001. Ollie wasn't a key contributor by any means—he averaged 3.8 points per game and 2.4 assists—but he did have a personal relationship with The Answer from the looks of this Instagram caption:

Congratulations K.O. this couldn't happen to a better person. I'm very excited about you being in the National Championship game. I never thought I could pull for UConn, but I will this year because you're there. Good luck and God bless you ... #TheAnswer

Who'd have thought Ollie could possibly get a championship ring before Iverson?

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[via Allen Iverson]