The thirst trap could get anybody regardless of the tax bracket, ethnicity, and profession. Paul George is (allegedly) the latest victim.

The star's negative attention isn't only because of his poor 2-for-10 shooting performance against the Grizzlies last night, although it certainly didn't help. George apparently got catfished. The catfisher, who goes by "Paul," purposely sends pictures of a thick Caucasian woman to get guys (celebrities and athletes) to send revealing pictures. He then post the pictures on his Tumblr page. It looks like George is his latest victim.

There's also images of penises on the page as well, but of course, there's no way to tell if one of them is from George. Let this be a reminder that if you're trying to get intimate with a person you've never met, just follow the '80s Lakers' advice (just trade the drug references for ones to dick pics and you get the point):

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[via Deadspin]