You know that Nissan commercial that shows some dude challenging the driver of a 2014 Rogue, saying that they're going to be late? Then she's like, "psh, that's what you think," puts the car into overdrive and ramps on top of a train, arriving to her destination early [watch below]. You know, the one that makes you shake your head in the this-is-so-stupid type of way (or if you're a dude, the one that had you eyeing the cute driver). Well, at the end of that commercial, Nissan puts a warning: "Fantasy. Do not attempt. Cars can't jump on trains."

Lies! Somebody in Flatbush, Brooklyn proved that they can. The person even did it in one of your cars, Nissan. Looks like you've been underestimating your vehicles' flying capabilities. The photo, captured by Twitter user @BKSHOSHANNAH this morning, shows what looks like a Pathfinder on top of a southbound Q train. The driver crashed through a fence and ramped up on top of the commuter train (that commercial is ironically titled "Commute"). The driver also dipped out of the scene after she crashed, so if you see a lady running around like she just crashed an SUV onto a train, call the cops. 

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[via DNA Info