On Sunday afternoon, Buccaneers wide receiver Mike Williams was taken to a hospital in Tampa, Fla. and treated after he was allegedly stabbed by his brother Eric Baylor. Baylor, who left the scene of the crime shortly after police arrived, turned himself in on Monday and has been charged with aggravated battery domestic violence. But the question remains: What in the world caused Baylor to allegedly inflict so much pain on his own brother?

The police are still sorting it out. But yesterday, the Tampa Bay Times talked to a bunch of people who were inside of Williams' home at the time he was stabbed, including two carpet cleaners. And they revealed that the brothers may have been arguing over some damage to Williams' Bentley.

"They were arguing," William Carter, one of the carpet cleaners, told the Times. "Mike was mad, and they got into it. Mike wasn't the aggressor, but I guess he was a little upset about that and he told him to get out."

Obviously, all of this is still just speculation. The police haven't concluded exactly what happened that led to Williams getting stabbed. But from what several other witnesses told the Times, things got ugly on Sunday. You can read all of their accounts of the incident over here. What a mess.

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[via Tampa Bay Times]