Late Sunday afternoon, someone inside of Mike Williams' home in Tampa, Fla. called 911 to report that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver had been stabbed in the thigh. Fortunately, the injury that he sustained was not life-threatening (he needed just three stitches to patch up his wound). But when police arrived to investigate the stabbing, they discovered one pretty shocking detail about it—Williams' own brother Eric Baylor was allegedly the person who had stabbed him.

Initially, everyone who was inside the home at the time of the stabbing told responding officers that the stabbing was a result of "horseplay" and that it was simply an "accident." But after digging a little bit deeper, police had reason to believe that Baylor had stabbed Williams on purpose. And because Baylor fled the scene before police arrived, they issued an arrest warrant for him. Last night, he turned himself into Hillsborough County police and was booked on an aggravated battery domestic violence charge. Here's his mugshot, courtesy of the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office:

As of right now, it's still really unclear what happened and why Baylor allegedly stabbed Williams. The Buccaneers have been trying to get in touch with Williams to learn more about the incident but they have been unable to reach him. And Williams hasn't commented publicly on the situation as of yet.

We obviously don't want to speculate on what might have happened here. But regardless of what took place, this doesn't sound good for Williams, Baylor, or the Bucs.

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[via The Tampa Tribune]