Who's hungry? Actually, let us rephrase that. Who hasn't eaten a meal in a week? Okay, well, you're in luck! Because we've got just the thing for you.

The Arizona Diamondbacks just added a new item to their menu and it looks like it's, well, filling, to say the absolute least. It's an 18-inch corn dog—or a "mega corn dog" as they're calling it—and it's stuffed with bacon and cheese. It also comes with a side of fries, just in case the corn dog itself doesn't kill you fill you up. And it's going to be available at D'backs games this season for a whopping $25. Yes, 25 bucks for a corn dog and some fries.

To be fair, the corn dog does look like it'll fill you up for about three days. But still, are you forking over the price of a cheap ticket to the game for a single meal? If so, we really, really, really hope you have a good doctor and a bottle of Maalox in your pocket.

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[via Big League Stew]