Did you catch everyone at Smoothie King Center, NBA All-Stars included, singing "Happy Birthday" to the legendary Bill Russell last night? If not, take a minute to watch it in the clip above. It was a really special moment for Russell, who turned 80 last week.

Unfortunately, though, it wasn't a special moment for everyone. Because just seconds after the final "Happy birthday to youuuuu" was over, we saw way too many people—like, wayyyyyyy too many people—on Twitter asking, "Who is Bill Russell?" Just check out a few of the tweets that we came across during the game last night:

SMH. Seriously, guys? We know that not everyone is up on every single fact about Russell. It's one of the reasons we put together this list to help celebrate the 11-time NBA champion's birthday last week. But if you're tuned into the All-Star Game—the NBA All-Star Game—and you have absolutely no idea who Bill Russell is, chances are you should be watching something else. #SorryNotSorry. Show that man some respect!

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