We knew Saleen, most famous for making gas guzzling tuned muscle cars and the amazing S7 supercar was working on an electric car, and now we know what that car is going to be: a tuned Tesla Model S. No details have been released regarding what will actually be done to the Model S yet, and we're not quite sure how electric car tuning will work yet. Only time will tell what kinds of modifications will be done. 

"Tesla's values are not a departure from our core values of elite power, style, and performance. I have admired their craftsmanship," said Saleen. "And now with our upcoming entry into the electric car market with a revolutionary design all our own, we share a desire to also produce vehicles that are not dependent on fossil fuels and which accomplish this fuel independence with a tremendous assemblage of grace and technology.I fully intend to produce one of the most compelling Tesla's [sic] to ever hit the roadway."

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[via Saleen