Remember when every single athlete on the planet seemed to be driving a supersized SUV? That was only a few years ago. But today's athletes have downsized quite a bit since then. They seem to prefer sports cars and luxury vehicles over larger rides that guzzle gas and drain their bank accounts.

At least, most of them do. Not Tampa Bay Rays pitcher Grant Balfour, though. Yesterday, he pulled up to Rays' spring training in a truck. And it wasn't just any old truck. It was a truck that looked like it belonged on a battlefield somewhere, not parked outside of a baseball facility:

We don't know what would possess someone to drive something like that. It looks like it gets about 1 mile per gallon of gas. It's also probably a bitch to parallel park. But we will admit that it's a pretty intimidating ride. And we bet that's what Balfour was going for here, so mission accomplished.

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[via Bleacher Report]