ESPN Doesn't Want Any of Their On-Air Talent Using This Word Anymore

ESPN Doesn't Want Any of Their On-Air Talent Using This Word AnymoreImage via

There are a lot of things in the world of sports that suck. For instance, the Jacksonville Jaguars suck. The New York Mets suck, too. And no one—and we do mean no onesucks quite like the New York Knicks right now. But you won't hear ESPN saying that anything or anyone "sucks" anytime soon.

Late Friday afternoon, ESPN's executive vice president of production John Waldhack and senior vice president of talent development and planning Laurie Orlando teamed up to send out an "Important Reminder" to all of ESPN's on-air talent. And that reminder asked the talent to please stop using the word "sucks" on ESPN's various shows.

"Recently, there have been numerous incidents in which the word 'sucks' has been used on our air," the reminder said. "This word is simply not appropriate for ESPN. What you say and the language you use is important for our audience and sports fans of all ages. Please be mindful of this starting immediately."

So no more "sucks." That _______. Hmmm…What word is supposed to go there now?!

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[via Jim Romenesko]

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