Recently, USA TODAY caught up with Oak Hill Academy basketball coach Steve Smith to discuss one of his former pupils, Rajon Rondo. The conversation ranged from Smith's favorite moment on the Oak Hill Academy court involving Rondo to something people would be shocked to know about the Celtics point guard. Pretty nostalgic, trip down memory lane-type stuff. But, there was one question which produced a pretty interesting response. Check it out below.   

JJ: Are you confident that he’ll be just as good, if not better, coming off of the ACL tear?

SS: No, I think he should be fine. He took a long time off and he’s rehabbed the right way. Whether he stays in Boston or not who knows. I know, talking to Melo, he’s recruiting Rajon to come to New York. Melo thinks he’ll come, too. You never know about that stuff though. I think either way, Rajon will be fine.

Now, there have been rumors before that Anthony wants Rondo to play alongside him in New York. In fact, prior to the Andrea Bargnani trade, there were reports that Melo was pushing management to go after the 27-year-old point guard. Since that plan fell through, it seems as though Carmelo is going to try getting Rondo to come over after his contract with the Celtics ends in 2015.

Smart move, Melo. Could you imagine a tandem of Rondo and Melo in the Garden in two years? 

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