We think the new Chevrolet SS is awesome. It's the kind of car that made th American auto industry in the first place: a big, RWD, V8 sedan. It's the kind of car that makes bald eagles cry tears of joy. Of course, we also know that, while 415 horsepower is a lot, GM is capable of extracing much, much more from a V8

The Holden Commodore, which is the Australian car upon which this is based — that has a way cooler name — can also be had with 455 hp and 580 hp engines and a manual transmission option. Chevrolet is now saying that these wonderous options might be made available to us, if we can prove that there's demand for it. What does this mean? It measn that your homework is to go into a Chevy dealer, act like you're going to buy an SS, and then say something about how the Charger SRT8 has more power and that you wish it came with a manual before you walk out. 

Also, since the car is already called "SS," what will the faster versions be called? It surely won't be the "SS SS." Will we skip straight to Z28?

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[via Automotive.com]