After a long, hard season of fighting in the trenches together, middle school football coach Randall Burbach knew exactly what his Corbett Middle School team needed recently—a night out at Hooters! So rather than hold the team's annual awards dinner at some lame chain restaurant that actually makes their waitresses wear pants (ugh!), he went to his school's athletic director JP Sougnalet and notified him that he was going to take his Corbett, Ore.-based team to Hooters to celebrate. The only problem? The AD's response was, well, not favorable. He actually turned it down and asked Burbach to find another venue.

Another venue simply wasn't an option for Burbach, though. So he pushed and pushed and pushed for Hooters and argued that—damnit!—his boys needed a night out at Hooters. And he pushed so hard that Sougnalet eventually fired him. He explained himself later in a letter written to the parents of the team's players.

"He was unyielding and emphatically said no for a number of reasons," Sougnalet wrote. "As a school district and athletic department, we do not support nor condone the decision to hold an end of season celebration at Hooter's for any of our teams."

Nice try anyway, coach! Hooters or no Hooters, your Coach of the Year plaque is in the mail.

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[via Deadspin]