At this point in his life, we suspect that Leonardo DiCaprio probably has dozens of fly luxury rides in his garage. But once upon a time, his collection was confined to the 1999 Lexus GS400 that you see here. He used to drive it everywhere and was often spotted kicking it with his girlfriend at the time Gisele Bundchen riding shotty. And now, you can be the proud owner of Leo's car…if you've got the cash to buy it.

The current owner of the car—who bought the Lexus shortly after DiCaprio traded it in back in 2001—is currently selling the GS400 on eBay. And he makes it very clear why you need to buy the car as he goes on and on (and on!) about DiCaprio in his description and even makes mention of the fact that he was able to tap into the car's internal computer in order to see where DiCaprio used to drive the car.

"I would suspect that even Tom Brady would find interest in the locations where Leo took his gorgeous Gisele," the seller writes. "It's as though [DiCaprio] left [his] laptop or Little Black Book in the car when the lease expired."

Hmmm…That part is a little bit creepy. It sounds like the current owner of the car enjoyed driving DiCaprio's car a little too much over the course of the last 10 years or so. But if you're interested in owning Leo's former ride, you can bid on it over here. The bidding is currently up to $10K.

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[via Auto Evolution]