The Giants defense has taken advantage of the second-tier quarterbacks they've been facing these past couple of weeks. Still, coming back from 0-6 to being in position to make the playoffs is impressive, and part of the reason is big plays by the defense.

In this play, third-stringer Scott Tolzein's main mistake was throwing it in an almost healthy Jason Pierre-Paul's general direction. The linebacker made an impressive jump to snatch the ball out of the air and take it to the house for a pick six to clinch a 27-13 win. That's the 2011 JPP New York needed.

Is it possible the Giants can go on to win six more consecutive games? Maybe, but it's very possible they can make the playoffs since they're playing in the mediocre NFC East. With the exception of the Seahawks and Calvin Johnson & Co.  the Lions, New York's next few games look very winnable. Big Blue faces the lackluster 3-7 Redskins twice, the 5-5 Cowboys, and the 4-6 Chargers. The Cowboys are up next.

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[via Footbasket]