On Oct. 18, UFC 166 was held at the Toyota Center in Houston, Tex. Being the mixed martial arts fan that he is, Howard stopped by the locker rooms prior the event to see Ultimate Fighting Championship president Dana White. As you see in the video above, DH and teammate Chandler Parsons start discussing what it would take to step into the Octagon. While it seems Parsons wants no parts of participating in an MMA match, Howard has a ballpark figure in mind that it would take to get him to fight. So, where's Kobe to put up that money?!  

And while we're discussing this video, here are some other things we noticed:

  • White referred to Howard as "Big Daddy." Where'd that come from? 
  • White won't cease to drop a Vince McMahon jab if the opportunity presents itself. 
  • Parsons repping Chelsea with the personalized jersey! We can't hate on that. 

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[via FOX Sports]