In an incredible UFC 165 main event fight, Jon Jones defeated Alexander Gustafsson by unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46) to successfully defend his Light Heavyweight championship title for a sixth consecutive time. After hearing the announcement, the crowd booed the outcome since it looked a lot closer than the final scorecard let on. Jones continuously struggled to bring Gustafsson to the ground, going one for 12 on takedowns, and while the two fighters fought standing up for most of the five rounds, it looked like Gustafsson held the advantage on that end. But clearly, the judges saw things differently. 

While the first three rounds could've easily been ruled in favor of Gustafsson, who left Jones with a severely swollen and bloody face, but the champion roared back with a barrage for kicks and spinning elbows that left Gustafsson standing by a miracle. In the final round, there were moments where Gustafsson was wobbling with his hands down but whenever Bones landed another punishing blow, he still found a way to stay on his feet. It was a remarkable showing by Gustafsson and definitely one that should be rewarded with a rematch.  

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