The rant that Gucci Mane went on on Twitter yesterday afternoon was pretty epic. So if you haven't read through the tweets he sent out yet, you should go read them immediately. He called out just about everyone he's ever worked with and put a bunch of young ladies on blast by claiming that he had sexual relations with them. We're not sure how much of what he said was actually true. But, like we said, it was pretty epic.

One tweet in particular raised a few eyebrows in the sports community. That tweet would be this one:

When Gucci sent that tweet out and name-dropped "coach k," we knew exactly who he was talking about. Kevin "Coach K" Lee is Young Jeezy's former manager/Gucci Mane's current (now former?) manager. But some sports fans didn't know that. So just to clear things up, Deadspin reached out to the real Coach K—you know, Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski—to ask for a comment on Gucci Mane's rant. And surprisingly, Duke not only responded to them but also earned a little street cred (or just exhibited a basic knowledge of Google) by telling them about the other Coach K.

"Duke has no comment on this," Duke's assistant director of sports information told them. "However, it looks like Gucci Mane's manager, Kevin Lee, is nicknamed Coach K. I'm assuming that is who the tweet referred to."

Yep, it did. But the fact that that entire interaction about Coach K even took place is still amazing. Score another W for Gucci.

[via Deadspin]