We usually associate red cars with aggression, but a new British study of 2,800 drivers shows that it might actually be blue car drivers like yours truly who are the most insane. Red isn't even in the top three, as black, silver, and green, follow blue and are just before red. BMW drivers were also singles out as being prone to road rage, and the study even said that the statistical worst driver is a 35-to-50-year-old male in a blue BMW on Friday in rush hour traffic at 5:45. 

We have a theory about the color. In the UK, blue cars are often purchased by and associated with "chavs," which is British slang for young men in designer sportswear with a thuggish attitude. This amusing clip-art does a fairly good job of summing it up. Red was the predictable choice of enthusiasts in their 50s, but blue is a popular color for rally cars and rallycross cars, which has a younger audience. 

As for the green, one must remember that green is Great Britain's racing color, so that probably pushed it up the ranks a bit.

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[via The Globe and Mail