We've heard that Bill Belichick is a pretty funny guy behind closed doors. But we don't know if we actually believe that. Have you heard the guy talk during press conferences? Um, yeah. He's not exactly a comedian.

But earlier today, the Patriots head coach did provide a laugh when he gave reporters an update on Rob Gronkowski, who is yet to play during the 2013-14 NFL season because of several surgeries that he had done on his forearm and back in the offseason. Belichick was asked to provide some info on Gronk's health and rather than hit reporters with a "No comment" or a "You know we are the Patriots and we don't talk about injuries," he hit them with this.

"We haven't practiced today," he said, "we've just been sitting in a meeting. He looks great sitting in a meeting."

Ha. Maybe that will get the reporters off his back for today. Or maybe not. If he's offering up gems like that right now, we want him to answer as many questions as possible.

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[via The Big Lead]