There's an inherent desire to go fast that comes with cars. Simply driving day-to-day on public roads leaves a bit of your sports car trapped and unused. There's always a little more space to push the pedal down, there are more RPMs before you approach the redline, there are more MPHs on that speedo, just sitting there, tempting you. And if you're a good, law-abiding driver, you won't discover what those extras are like when you're on a road where other people could be affected by the possibility of you making a dumb mistake. 

That's what the track is for. 

If you really need to find out how your car functions, what its limits are, and what your own limits are, you need to find a closed track, where it's an acceptable environment to truly experience speed and precise driving. But you also can't just walk up and stomp on the gas. Let us help you expand your driving knowledge by getting you prepared. This is our Beginner's Guide To Going to the Track

Written by Benjamin Hunting

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