Today, 2 Chainz is a very rich man. So he doesn't need to worry about where his next paycheck is coming from or how he's going to afford his next meal. But once upon a time, life wasn't so great for the rapper formerly known as Tity Boi. In fact, life was looking so bleak at one point that he had to resort to stealing a car and attempting to rob a Wendy's with one of his friends. The robbery attempt was unsuccessful—one of the Wendy's workers recognized his voice and shut him and his friend down—but it doesn't sound like he was built for a life of crime anyway.

Listen to him talk about the incident for Cipha Sounds' weekly improv show, Take It Personal, in the clip above. We like 2 Chainz much better as a rapper than we would have liked him as a car thief, so we're glad he picked this line of work.

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[via AllHipHop]