In the grand scheme of things, last night's Hall of Fame game between the Dolphins and Cowboys was meaningless. But it does signify one important thing: FOOTBALL IS BACK! That brutal stretch from February to August known as the off-season is finally over. Other sports merely provided a distraction. They could never replace America's true love. 

This new season will mean a ton of pressure for the Philadelphia Eagles' DeSean Jackon. Jeremy Maclin is out with a torn ACL, and Riley Cooper has left the team for an undisclosed period of time, after receiving a lot of attention for being a racist. That leaves DeSean Jackson as pretty much the only important dude in the Eagles receiving core. Should he crumble under the pressurej, at least he has that rap career to fall back on. Just Kidding. But he does have a beautiful fleet of cars to ease his troubles. Take a look at his whips with DeSean Jackson's 25 Best Rides Photos on Instagram.

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