July is the month that makes us realize how spoiled we were as sports fans during the basketball/football euphoria of the fall, the insanity of March Madness, and the NBA and NHL's playoff season. Fanaticism was contagious because there was so much going on; they were happier times. 

Not to shit on the MLB or anything, but many sports fans let out a slight groan at the mention of July, when baseball is the only American professional sport in progress. It sucks—and it's downright depressing if you can't stand America's (once) great pastime—but to reference Jay Z, you have to get your by any means on when there's a drought.  You got to find those wins, however small, because if the chronically struggling Chicago Cubs fans find one, anyone can.

We're not saying there wasn't some big moments though. It turns out watching gymnastics isn't so bad when it's mixed with something else, and when Anderson Silva lost his belt, we lost our minds. Relive those moments on The Best Sports GIFs of July 2013.

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