Steve Nash Tried Out for Inter Milan Today

Steve Nash Tried Out for Inter Milan TodayAndy Marlin/USA Today Sports

Over the weekend, Steve Nash announced that he was going to be trying out for the Inter Milan soccer club this week. He said that playing soccer is something that he's always enjoyed, and he was honored to get the opportunity to try out for a club like Inter Milan.

"It's a dream come true to get a chance to try out, not just to try out but to take the field with Inter Milan, one of the great, storied franchises in professional sports," he said. "I feel like a little kid."

Today, he saw his dream play out. Nash got the chance to try out for the Inter Milan team at the New York Red Bulls Training Facility in New Jersey. And while there's been no word as to how the tryout with Inter Milan went, we're sure Nash is thrilled just to see his goal of trying out for a pro soccer team come to fruition.

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